We, at Sparsh Health, are a team of Doctors & Yoga professionals providing Allied Health services to corporates and Groups.

We offer corporates a complete employee wellness package. A golden rules says “Prevention is better than cure”. To cater to this need Sparsh Health has designed a special program for corporate individuals who are more prone to work life related health issues.

In today’s dynamic workplace environment, it is important for a corporate to have their employees who are dedicated to their work. One of the challenges which an corporate faces is to ensure the well being of an employee, so that they are physically and emotionally fit to perform up to their optimum levels. “A happy employee is a happy team member and a happy team is a great asset contributing to the greater welfare of the organisation”. 

Benefits for Corporates

  • Ensuring that their employees health welfare is taken care of
  • Healthy employees ensure better productivity
  • Helps in contributing to the greater welfare of its employees
  • Lower attrition rate



1. Corporate  & Group Wellness

  • Yoga
  • Power Yoga
  • Meditation

Stress and strain of working at odd hours along with sedentary life style takes a toll on health. Many of the life style diseases progress silently without alarming one of the imminent risks. Lifestyle related health problems like Obesity, Diabetes, Heart conditions, High Cholesterol, Back pain, Cervical (Neck) Pain, Cancers, Osteoporosis, Thyroid related problems, High Blood Pressure, Kidney problems may have life threatening consequences. Various factors like sitting posture, long working hours on computer, irregular eating habits, rigorous travel, night shifts/ odd working hours etc. brings lot of health hazards.

ASSOCHAM report based on the survey of 500 corporate employees from 300 various companies/organizations across 18 broad sectors of the economy revealed that nearly 75% of the respondents suffered chronic/lifestyle or acute disease. Out of the 65% ill corporate employees, 32% were afflicted to lifestyle disease, followed by 21% suffering from chronic disease and remaining 12% have an acute ailment.

 Our Group & corporate yoga classes are designed to boost productivity, soothe away stress and enhance employee well being.


  • Various Yoga postures alleviate ailments that typically arise from a desk-bound job; as well as helps in stretching, strengthening and toning of the whole body.
  • Stress-reducing breathing techniques
  • ‘Mindfulness’ method of meditation to improve clarity and concentration.

* Yoga sessions are designed according to the strength and needs of the office.


2. Bone & Joint Care


Professionals generally lead a very busy and hectic life. This results in them compromising on sleep, eating hab
its, exercise etc. This stress, related to a hectic work life results in a faster wear and tear of the body. Also, less of exposure to early morning sunlight results in hypovitaminosis (deficiency of vitamins) of Vitamin D3 which leads into less mineralisation of calcium on bones leading to bone related issues.

 1.   BMD test

A bone mineral density (BMD) test measures how much calcium and other type of minerals are present in bones

 2.    STAY ACTIVE (Group seminar on Posture and spine care)

 3.    Body Composition Analysis

 4.    Consultation by Doctor


* The above programs can be tailor made according to the needs of the office. If you are interested in availing any of the above programmes kindly contact Dr. Vaibhav Kadam – +91-9819 343 878


Posted by Dr.Vaibhav Kadam on November - 10 - 2013

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