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Success stories

Conceived Couples by our Ayurvedic Treatment 

Mr. & Mrs. Shaikh are a couple aged 37 years and 35 years old respectively. They were unable to conceive for last 7 years for their second child (secondary infertility) . They visited Sparsh Ayurved Infertility Clinic, Sanpada  in September , 2011. After a treatment for 3 months like Panchakarma, Uttar basti along with oral medicines patient got conceived in January 2012. She  delivered a health baby of 2.75 Kg in September 2012.

Conceived Couples

Mr. and Mrs.  Raut are a couple aged 32 years and 28 years respectively. They have been married since 2007 and were unsuccessful in conceiving a baby. They visited Sparsh Ayurvedic Infertility Clinic in September 2010. After primary investigations we found the reports of the male partner were normal and female partner was diagnosed Annovulation (lack of growth of follicle). After counseling she was put on Ayurvedic oral medication along with panchakarma for purification, The treatment was performed  for  3 months (3 cycles), Patient successfully conceived in January 2011. The couple were blessed with a baby boy.

 Tubal Block successfully treated with Ayurvedic treatment.

(HSG reports)

HSG After Ayurvedic Treatment
HSG Before Ayurvedic Treatment












Dr.Rupali Salunke, Mrs & Mr. Patil with Dr.Vaibhav Kadam

Ayurveda Fertility sucess

Mr & Mrs. Raina blessed with baby boy


Mr & Mrs. Singh with baby Jinisha

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